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October 2014
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mixed Bag

This is what I would call a “Mixed Bag Blog” – a little of this and a little of that. 

We had a mixed bag of weather here today.  We had rain, wind, hail, and even a few sun breaks!  Right now it’s partly cloudy with a few sun rays shining through but I am told that won’t last.  I keep thinking spring weather will arrive any day but so far 'any day' hasn’t shown up.  Soon…

Poppy went to the vet this morning.  She had her foot re-bandaged and the doc said it looks good.  I only have to keep a sock on it to keep her from licking it but it is healing up nicely.  Her blood glucose was 80 and that is even a tad on the low side.  That was real good news.  It’s so hard to keep up with it with just the urine strips.  Doc encouraged us to have some patience and not be so concerned with testing her all the time and trying to get everything perfect.  He adjusted her insulin dosage and said don’t test her again for three days.  Her body needs time to adjust and we just need to relax a little and not worry so much.  He said we were doing fine for Poppy so that takes a lot of pressure off.  Only two more antibiotic capsules to go so we’re glad about that.  Whew!!
Poppy at Lone Pine’s Alabama Hills last April.

I was pleased to read that John was able to breathe on his own today.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks for John and Nan with the unexpected crisis with John’s health.  Stop on over and leave them some love.

Good news also from Shoeless Joe as he gets a positive report from the doctor.

Even more good news from the Princess and the Cowboy as Ron continues his treatments.   Sharon normally writes this blog but Ron took over for a post earlier in the week.  If you missed Ron’s post on “Playing the Front Nine” it is worth going back for the read. 

And if you want to see some great posts about the Wallace’s adventures in Costa Rica, hop on over to The Odd Essay.  Great pictures and stories.

I want to take a moment for a remembrance of my nephew.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of the loss of our nephew to complications of diabetes.  We were close to Scott and he lived with us for a while as an adult.  He was an accomplished chef and a gentle spirit.   He passed away in 2007 when he was still in his early forties.  I am feeling for my sister today as I think the loss of a child is the most devastating loss of all.  Laila, we will never forget and we are here for you. 

Scott senior photo
Scott as a senior in high school.

Take care everyone.  For those of you headed back to your summer digs, travel safe.  For those of you staying put for awhile, enjoy your adventures. 


  1. Hi, Donna,

    So glad to hear about Poppy. That gives you a little breathing room. I think I held my breath all last year when Jack was sick. You've done a good job with him.

    I appreciate your mentioning Nan's blog. I had not known about it before, but with all she and John are going through, I think the more people who keep them in their thoughts, the better. Went back to catch up a little--I don't know how you all do it keeping up with blogs. I'll most likely make a mistake with names, again, at some point--it's very frustrating. The other blogs I'm already subscribed to, but it is helpful to have someone point them out!

    I'm so sorry about Scott and feel for your sister, as well. Such a terrible shame to lose such a young man. This is an anniversary month for me, too, and they don't seem to get easier so I'm glad she has you, Donna. I'm sure you're a great source of comfort to her.

  2. What a loss, and so young. What was your nephew's name?

    Glad Poppy only has to have the Sock of Shame, and no cone.

    And, did it graupel?

  3. Oh, I'm sorry - I see that his name is Scott.

  4. Donna & Russ - So sorry about your nephew.

    Thank You for the big shout out for our blog and The Cowboy.

    I agree with Nan - not sure how you find the time to read, comment and continue to entertain us with your posts too.

    Have a great night and God Bless You.


  5. I knew you were doing a good job managing Poppy's diabetes--glad that the vet confirmed that! So sorry to hear about your nephew Scott. Thanks for the updates about fellow bloggers.

  6. Prayers, pills and lots of love.... Poppy's got it all. Thank you for the picture of the pups. I don't remember seeing them before. You are doing a great job in caring for Poppy.

  7. I've been following Nan's blog for quite some time. These last few days I have held her close in my hart. I think there might still be some rough days ahead.

    Her faith seems to give her great comfort.

  8. Glad Poppy is doing better and the vet said ya'll could relax a bit with her. I know that takes some stress off you.
    On another note,we are sorry for the loss of your nephew Scott. Even though it was 5 years ago, the hurt and memories don't go away.
    Take care!

  9. glad to hear that Poppy is doing well..the fine medical care that you are Russ are doing, I am sure is one of the reasons!..
    sorry to hear about your nephew..five years or ten..you never forget..
    take care..keep you sock on, Poppy!!

  10. 'Finally' starting to get myself caught up on some blogs. All the best to Poppy. This aging stuff sure isn't easy & it's hard to watch the ravages of time taking it's toll on our beloved pets.

  11. Well tell Russ I meant to sat sitting at the laptop. Also now that we have the trash trucks on the same schedule. I will be calling the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to see about getting the gamma rays turned down so you guys can enjoy more sunny days.Hey no problem ,what are friends for. Glad Poppy is on the mend.Be safe out there and watch out for low leaping kangeroo's, those babies can hurt ya. Sam & Donna.

  12. Well tell Russ I meant to sat sitting at the laptop. Also now that we have the trash trucks on the same schedule. I will be calling the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to see about getting the gamma rays turned down so you guys can enjoy more sunny days.Hey no problem ,what are friends for. Glad Poppy is on the mend.Be safe out there and watch out for low leaping kangeroo's, those babies can hurt ya. Sam & Donna.

  13. I'm on Bill's computer this morning... looks like mine crashed bigtime. Thanks for the plug about the blog... hope I can keep it current... The 1940 census just became public and genealogy is Bill's passion... and he'll want his laptop a lot ;-) Your blogs are always so full of kindness, compassion and care. I hope to meet you in person some day.

  14. Glad the vet assauged your fears at least a little. But Moms are built to worry and feel helpless when their kids & furkids are sick. We never feel as though we are doing enough, even when we are. Love the pic of Poppy, seems to be saying "Hey, Mom, dont worry, see how happy I am"

  15. Glad to hear the good news about Poppy. I am sure she is thrilled with just the sock and not the hot plastic bag. Probably the best suggestion the doc can give you is...be patient. I know easy for me to say but so true. That goes for spring coming too...hope it reaches that part of the country TODAY!
    Prayers for your sister and the rest of the family for strength today. So sorry for your loss!

  16. Nice tribute showing your love for your nephew and sister.

    We had a cat (Fred) who was diagnosed with diabetes. I never knew animals could have it. He was on an insulin pill. A few years back we were camping at Sam Houston Jones state park in Louisiana. I take morning meds (vitamins and for thyroid). Len asked me if I took mine. I told him no and scooped up a pill that was sitting on the counter.

    Oops! It was Fred's insulin. I figured how could that little bit of insulin affect me? Well it did. Dropped me for about an hour. I slept about 45 minutes and woke wanting a peanut butter sandwich. Then felt much better. You bet I became more careful when I grab for my morning pills.

  17. Good news about Poppy. Hope she continues to improve.

    I remember when you wrote about the loss of your nephew just last year. Still sad to think about for sure.

  18. Were so glad to hear that Poppy is getting her sugar levels down and that her foot is getting better. Sorry for your sister to have lost a child, has to be one of the most devastating things to happen to ones life. Nice to hear good news for John and Nan, shoeless Joe and Princess and Cowboy.

  19. I love seeing the family pets on the blogs. They really are family and glad to hear that Poppy is feeling better.

    I think the biggest pain of all would be the pain of losing a child. That is so sad.

  20. Oh I am so very sorry about Scott. It's got to be the very hardest thing in life to lose a child. I just can't even imagine.

    Looks like Poppy is doing really well, I'm happy for ya'll on that note. Hugs to her & Rusty.