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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Krecklows Kamping???

Thank you all so very much for helping us celebrate Russ’s birthday yesterday.  It was fun to write about it, but even more fun for him to get so many well-wishes.  Thanks again.

Guess where we are????  We are not at home!!!  We are in Cascade Locks!  I didn’t want to say anything ahead of time because I was afraid we might jinx it, but we are actually on the road. 

We left Eugene early this afternoon, and after one trip BACK to the house to pick up the things we had forgotten, we were on the road.  North on I-5 to I-205 and East on I-84…and by golly, here we are at the KOA in Cascade Locks.

We ran into some rain along the gorge but it wasn’t too bad.  There was a rainbow just sitting on the Columbia River.  I had to grab a quick shot through the windshield so it isn’t very good but hope you can see the rainbow.  It was an unusual sight and more colorful than it appears here.

rainbow on Columbia

The drive was great.  We hit a little traffic on I-5 near Portland but not too bad.  The traffic on I-84 was non-existent.

empty highway

We are at the KOA in Cascade Locks and it is also empty.

empty campground

There are maybe 6 rigs in the entire park.  One of the workers is across from us but other than than, we are surrounded by emptiness!!  Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.  KOA is running a 2nd night half off promo.  For two nights, FHUs including Wi-Fi and cable, we paid $44.03 including taxes.

This is really a nice park but don’t stay here if you don’t like trains!  Anywhere along I-84 is within the sound, and usually sight, of trains, and they run frequently.  We can sit and watch them go by out our front window but we don’t mind them a bit.  We’ll try and get a picture for you Sam!!

We made the hard decision to leave Rusty at home with the house sitter.  We have taken him on a few short runs the last couple of weeks and he is just not comfortable.  He does the best he can but he cannot even get in and out of the motor home without being lifted.  He seems to be miserable after all the jostling around from the ride and being lifted up and down the stairs.  I know he will miss us, and we him,  but it really is in his best interest to be in his own home where he feels comfortable.

Poppy on the other hand, is doing pretty good.  We feel better about managing her diabetes now and she is the best travel dog EVER.  She LOVES to go and is no trouble at all.  So why is she reluctant to leave the motor home?


Seems the camp mascot has her a little intimidated.


Poppy likes cats okay but this one made sure she knew who was boss.  Look at the ears…Poppy’s are up and curious…kitty’s are laid back and on alert for trouble.

poppy and cat

They didn’t exactly made friends  - it was more of a mutual respect.

Tomorrow we are going to explore some sights along the gorge and Saturday we will visit the Western Antique Auto and Aeroplane Museum (WAAAM) in Hood River.  Our son, John, volunteers at the museum and has offered us the 'Gold Tour' ha-ha!!  From there, our plan is to head to Pendleton, then travel down Hwy. 395 to Burns and visit the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  A lot depends on the weather and how both dogs are doing.  If we need to go home, we are always within a day’s drive.  Our furry friends are older than we are (in dog years) and we want to always be sensitive to their needs while we still have them.

So, onward and upward, and we shall enjoy today and see what adventures tomorrow will bring.


  1. Love Love Love that rainbow on the river!!! I checked out where you are on Google Earth and it looks great along with your planned route! Hope you have a great trip with no issues from anyone other than the yellow kitty! ;)

  2. Oh, yer killin' me! I LOVE the Columbia!

    Sorry that Rusty couldn't go, Donna, but as you said whatever is most comfortable for him is best.

    Now, Poppy is another Jack. He LOVES to go.

    And, OOOHHHH, I love Hood River! Love watching the wind surfers. Wear my sweatshirt proudly. My kids and grandkids loved the gorge, and while I loved that they saw Oregon, I really should have redone the coast and the gorge, again by myself without, "Let's go here, no let's go there." Unfortunately, I couldn't get my blood pressure medication so had to move on.

    How great is it that your son is going to give you a grand tour, Donna?

    When we had the motorhome, we crossed a very narrow bridge over to Washington. I have a movie of it--We left at 3 a.m. to get back over to Oregon...it was over if another vehicle our size was coming the other way. We used to get hysterical every time we talked about it.

    Glad Russ enjoyed his birthday. Glad you're getting to travel.

    Oh, how I wish I could send you a picture I just found, today, with a dog and a cat. Poppy is smart to give the mascot the right of way!

    Have a great time. I look forward to reading more about your trip.

    Ah, I found the picture on the web: http://tinyurl.com/7a43n29

  3. Have a great time. I'm glad Poppy is feeling better. Dog Diabetes can be managed.

  4. Congratulations for getting out of the "stick and brick" and doing some traveling.
    I am sure Rusty is doing great. Probably misses his mom and day.
    Enjoy your weekend! Can't wait to hear about it. ~wheresweaver

  5. Looks like you have a nice trip laid out. I'll be looking forward to the pictures.

  6. That sounds like a very nice trip! We like Cascade Locks and Hood River, and the whole Gorge area. We haven't done the 395 tour, so I'll await your review on your blog. Good travels to you and may you have more sunshine than rain! ;)

  7. The Gorge sure is a beautiful place. We've made that trip numerous times. I would say enjoy yourselves but I know you will. So, have fun!!

  8. looks like it is going to be a fun trip!..love the campground mascot!!..as for Poppy!..glad to hear she got to along on this journey!..hope that Rusty enjoys his time at home with the sitter!

  9. You are at one of our favorite places. But next time we are gong to stay Port of Cascade Locks. We drove over there and it is spotless. Really nice. 15 spaces (10 full hook ups)
    have fun. :)

  10. Always glad to see people putting the care, concern, & needs of their pets first. Good for you guys in doing that.....

  11. Yahoo! You are on the road again. It has been a long winter and now it is your time to roll. Enjoy

  12. Hope you guys have a wonderful time and glad to hear that Russ had a great Birthday. Enjoy!

  13. So glad to hear that you guys were able to get back on the road again. ENJOY!

  14. Great to see you on the road again. We stayed in that same KOA a few years ago and found it very convenient for touring. Lots of stuff to see close by like the Bonneville Dam. Have fun.

  15. Glad you're getting a chance to enjoy what nature has to offer, but you're also making us jealious because it's still 51 days before we're on the road. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  16. Great landscape shots, makes us feel we are right there with you. Park looks really nice. Enjoy your trip and tours.

    Sharon & Ron

  17. great to hear you're on the road ... just as we are ... even as I write this, the wheels are rolling down I-81. Lunch rest stop soon.

  18. Have a great trip! I love it when we can have campgrounds almost to ourselves, spring and fall are great for that.

  19. Life sounds good where you are! And a happy belated birthday Russ! Keep on having fun!

  20. LOVE the rainbow! When I was little I thought they brought good luck.. and you know what? I still do! Glad you're back on the road again.. Enjoy!

  21. Trains nearby? For the longest while I thought it was a rule that a campground HAD to be next to a RR track. Even here in OK parked at a Casino we can hear the whistle in a distance.

    Now nice to know you are doing what you so much enjoy - traveling.

  22. Love it when you guys are on the road -- I get to see places I've never been and it makes me want to go too. Have fun!