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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It’s Not Oklahoma But the Wind is Sure Sweeping Down the Plain

We said goodbye to Kim and Don this morning under partly cloudy skies and no breeze to speak of.  We had such a nice time with them and we sincerely hope we see them again sometime.  They are headed back to their lot on beautiful Lake Shuswap in BC.  Safe travels to you Don and Kim.  We had the privilege to visit a different part of Shuswap Lake in 2009, and I can tell you it is a beautiful area.
Poppy is doing well and had her chill pill last night and then the thunder never came.  But she got a good night’s rest and so did we.  I admit we spoil her but she is Princess Poppy however.  We got her a new dish for this trip and it is deeper than what she is used to.  While she will eat her kibble out of it, she really does not like sticking her muzzle into a deep dish of canned dog food.  We have come up with a solution.

She will very delicately eat her breakfast off the fork as long as we will feed it to her.  Put the food down and she walks away.  It’s just too hard to pick it up from the bottom of the dish.  I know, if she gets hungry enough she will eat but with her diabetes, we try and keep her on a regular schedule and she needs to eat when it is time to eat.  We don’t mind and she is such a lady about the whole process, that we kind of enjoy feeding her.  At night she gets kibble and meat and she eats it just fine on her own.   Isn’t she just a little Princess?

GUESS WHAT??  The Fit is fit and ready to go!  They called late this afternoon and they also said they were going to deliver it to us here in the park tomorrow morning and pick up the rental car!  How cool is that?  Can hardly wait to see what the total will be.  State Farm has been less that a good neighbor and we will be exploring our options when we get home.

So we ran into town after dinner to get a few things at Wal-Mart so we will be ready to roll early tomorrow.  I had both hands on the wheel for sure as there was a bit of turbulence on the highway.   By the time we headed home, it was really blowing and it was definitely a two-hands-on-the-wheel type of drive.  As we turned into the park we noticed that is was at least half full and there were many more rigs parked in the boon-docking area.  Our speculation as to why so many folks were here tonight was answered when Russ tried to get out of the car and could hardly get the door open.  When he did get it open, it blew shut before he could get a foot out!  It is quite a blow out there.  I am so glad we are surrounded by grass instead of sand!
This shows the sustained winds – the gusts are much worse.  This is worse than we had in Desert Hot Springs.  We’re sitting here in the coach and the way it is swaying, you would swear you were riding the rails.  You’d love it Sam!!  I made a video but the internet is SO SLOW tonight I don’t think I’d be able to upload so you’ll just have to trust me on this – it’s windy!!  Poppy had her pill so she is chilling and not all agitated.  Weather report calls for calming by morning so hopefully we will get out of here and continue our Travels in Therapy.


  1. Bet your bed is going to feel really good when you get home!!! Safe travels.

  2. Glad to read things are finally working in your favor.

    State Farm is not the problem it's some of the Adjusters that they have working for them. Dealing with our house fire he treated Kathy like ***** but sounded all sweet when I was with her. Other problems different Adjusters no problems.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. enjoy the swaying of the motorhome!..hope the wind dies down soon!..as for Poppy eating from a fork?.what ever works..we have been known to hold the bowl for Tucker when we are camping..he doesn't care too much for eating when we are travelling..he hates it when his collar hits the side of the bowl!..just call him strange?

  4. I agree that Poppy is a sweetie. If it helps to feed Poppy with a fork, then by all means, do it. We take care of them and they take care of us.

  5. With those kinds of winds, it's good that you were not on the road. That picture of Poppy being fork-fed is just great.

  6. For some reason Riggs hasnt been eating normally, part may be due to the fact that he doesnt have to worry about Sadie eating his food so now he can take his time. Last night food from day before had hardly been touched, so I picked up the nuggets and we had a catch game, he caught everyone, th last one I threw back in the bowl and then he finished the rest. You do what you have to for them since they cant always do for themselves.
    I agree with Rick its about who you get...have had to call our agent and make him work for his money but stepping in and dealing with adjusters himself. Since he gets commission off of all the policies he doesnt want to lose clients
    Donna W.

  7. While visiting here in Ohio, the weather has been crappy. Really windy just like yours. This morning it is really overcast and going to rain any minute. I leave on Sat. afternoon just in time. They are calling for a mix of rain and snow...YUCK!
    Paul is at the Elks in Boulder City. He said it is going to rain there also and the Elks has filled up. Everyone he talked to says they want off the road before the winds come.
    Safe travels!

  8. Nothing wrong with spoiling/loving Poppy...she is precious. Oh how strong winds in an rv can make you nervous. Hope things are calm today even with the total of the fit.

  9. I'd be one of those seeking shelter from the winds. I hate driving in high winds.

  10. Drive when it's safe, hunker down when it's not. We have always had fine treatment from State Farm, so it is, as suggested, probably the adjuster. It is so silly that some people (men usually, I hate to admit) consider women customers or clients fair game, but treat their male customers / clients with fairness and respect. Some of them, though, probably treat everybody like dirt.

  11. I LOVE the way you and Russ love Poppy. "Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend. ~Corey Ford"
    (Makes me know I'm not crazy) :-)

    Glad Poppy is responding to the sedative so she's not afraid of the weather.

    I remember a day in the TX panhandle when I couldn't open the truck door. A very nice gentleman came over to help me and he couldn't open it either. I wound up having to get in the passenger side so I could back up and hitch up. Even with a little trailer, it was a job driving--they finally closed the interstate.

    Seems like it's been more windy this year than I've ever seen it, here in the east (aside from tornadoes, of course).

    Safe travels.

  12. For what it's worth, Progressive treated me very well when my rig was struck by lightning a couple of years ago:


    They paid very promptly, and in full--in fact, they even insisted on paying for my labor when I did some of the repairs myself!--and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my rates went down slightly the next year, rather than up.

  13. You guys are sooooo good to Poppy. I hope the wind lets up some so you can continue your travels. Not good traverling when it gusts like that.

  14. Last week when we stopped at Monument Rocks, Len tried to open his door. He couldn't. Those winds can really cause havoc. Gets more than a little scary when the rig is rockin' and rollin'.

    We have a friend who feeds his dogs off a fork too. However, it's one bite of steak for him, the next one for the dog.

  15. You made Annie guffaw with the picture of Poppy dining.

    Our senior kitty, Lily, doesn't care for "filets," and will only eat paté, so when we accidentally get them the wrong kind, we must paté the filets for her. She looks at us until we do it.

    Then, if it begins to look too filet-y, she waits and looks at us again until we come smash it some more with a fork.

    Then, if it gets too low in the bowl, she waits and looks at us until we come mound the remainder into a pyramid that she can bit the tip off of.

    The rest of the crew is just trying to get the stuff into their mouths faster than the guy next door.

  16. Glad to see Russ has a good job feeding Poppy! What a guy.

    Good luck with your insurance claim, I don't envy you having to negotiate that.

  17. Yup, spoiled!!! :o)

    I live in Kansas so I believe you about the wind!

    Great news about the fin-ness!!!! We had trouble with State Farm years ago and gave them the boot! Have GEICO now and really like them through any issues we've had during the time with them!

  18. Well this post just confirms it! When I pass I want to come back as an RVers PET! ;-))))


  19. Congratulations on getting the car back! I hope State Farm will surprise you and cover your costs. What an ordeal you've had. I hear you about the wind--not my favorit, by any means! I'll look forward to reading more of your adventures as you move down the road. :)

  20. We've had our share with wind, rain, etc. Be safe as you move on down the road!

  21. Oh wonderful that they will deliver the Fit to ya'll tomorrow! Poor Poppy. You didn't put a fancy glittery decal on her bowl that reads princess! So she can't eat from a plain simple bowl ;-)
    That sure does look windy there. A friend of mine had a rental, opened her drivers door, the wind grabbed it, smashed it into the car parked next to us. Fortunately, no damages to the other car, but it bent the door frame on the rental to the cost of $500, which she had to pay. That sucked.

  22. I have hand fed many a dog...whatever it takes for the princess :) sounds like she is levelling out and doing well.

  23. Have to be careful with open slides on the rig during heavy wind gust days. I think our bedroom slide is slightly askew ever since being hit by some heavy wind gusts at Canyon de Chay a year ago. We don't hesitate to pull our slides in now during high winds.