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October 2014
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

In Your Easter Bonnet…

I’m taking a trip down memory lane and feeling like so much time has passed and so many memories have been made and I want to get some of them written down while I can still remember!!

Easter 1954I was thinking this week of all the Easter sunrises I have seen.  Starting at a very young age, Easter has been a special day.  When I was young, it was all about the new “Easter Dress” and if I was lucky, new shoes and an Easter Bonnet.

donna easter 1959

I’m the little one above, about 5 or 6 years old and at right a very “grown-up” 10 year old.  I guess I was still kinda just thinking about the new dress!

Over the years, the children have joined us in Easter celebrations.  Most of our pictures from that time are still un-digitized, but I did find these that I scanned some time ago for another project.

Easter 1975

russ easter 1974

We used to all pile in that old VW van and make our way to church (and not just on Easter lol).

Easter 1977

Notice the suit that was on John in the picture above has found a new home in the picture below!


family easter 1981

Where did the years go?  As the kids grew up and got married and began to have children of their own, we had many more Easter celebrations.  Egg hunts in the backyard, BBQs as the weather allowed, and always lots of love.


kids and more 006
Corbin and Cailin

girls 004
Bekah and Anna


corby anna april 03
Corbin and Anna

kids and more 005

None of these kids look the same anymore, as time has passed and they have also grown up.  But the memories remain. 

We got to go over and help Cailin and Emmie dye some Easter eggs this afternoon.  It was great to do something so simple and yet so full of memories.  Cailin is 12 now and Emmie is 10 but they’re not so old that they can’t enjoy dying eggs.



And of course we had to say “hi” to the grand-rats…

emmie and friend


Easter is definitely different now that the kids and grandkids are all grown-up or nearly so.  The egg hunts in our backyard have given way to each family celebrating in their backyards, especially since we don’t all live so close together anymore.  It’s all good and as it should be.  Kids grow, traditions evolve, and change happens. 

But one thing that does not change is the reason that many of us have to celebrate the season.  Enjoy one of my favorite Easter songs with the piano stylings of the late Anthony Burger.  Happy Easter Everyone.


  1. What great memories -- thanks for sharing. I too remember the new dress, shoes, bonnet and gloves. My how things have changed.

  2. Love the picture with the VW...lol. Great photos.
    Way to recycle that suit. You were recycling before it was popular.
    Yes, we must move on, and I usual embrace change, but sometimes I wish it wouldn't happen...like Kelly moving back to Ohio. But, we do our best to give them good common sense and morals, we then have to let them make their own decisions and memories.
    Wishing you both a very Blessed Easter. ~wheresweaver

  3. Those Easter memories look like they were very sweet days!

  4. What wonderful memories to reflect on. I also liked the video at the end. Happy Easter.

  5. what nice memories you have...I also remember the new dress hats shoes and little white gloves...carried on alot of my growing years traditions with my own kids....great pictures...thanks for sharing nice post

  6. special memories you have Donna!..amazing how quickly the kids and the grandkids grow up!..
    Happy Easter to you and Russ and your family!

  7. Great memories of Easters' past. Thanks for sharing all those great old photos.

  8. What an awesome VW bus!!! I have a Cabrio!

    Great photo memories! Thanks for sharing them all and letting us into the flock! I used to get to a new dress and sometimes a bonnet and shoes myself! And my Sunday School e.a.c.h. Sunday was tied in the corner of my hankie. When my Mom passed and we divided up the hankies, my Sister and I got quite the secret smirks when our Baptist s-i-l didn't know why the hankies were ragged on one corner!!!

  9. It's Sunrise service @7:00AM for us tomorrow morning followed by breakfast with a friend, Church at 10:00 lunch with friends at Claim Jumper at 12:30 and a quiet rest of the day at home. I loved your "remembering" pictures. We had a VW bus too in the early 70's when we lived in Tillamook. Loved the video and Anthony Burger's death was a huge loss the the Southern Gospel Music world!!!
    He is Risen Indeed! Happy Easter

  10. Happy Easter to you and yours. He is Risen! Great trip down memory lane.

  11. Lots of great memories and traditions...Blessed Easter and enjoy!

  12. I remember loving a new Spring dress. Would you believe I don't own a dress now? Well, lots of years and reasons in-between.


  13. Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories and photos. Tears in my eyes (happy, not sad) and smiles in my heart. I am sure all of your readers are now reflecting on their own memories.


  14. It's all about the love, isn't it. That's what makes the special occasions, special. Happy Easter.

  15. Happy Easter to you! Praise God that we serve a risen Savior! Enjoy the day.

  16. How old is too old to enjoy dying Easter eggs? Suzy and I dyed an almost dozen last evening -- one cracked wile boiling, so we didn't color that one - it sits in shame in the fridge. Your post brought back memories for sure. But here in the desert is no place for backyard celebration. If the bunny had hidden eggs, the javelinas would have found them around three a.m.! Happy Easter to you and your readers!

  17. I loved, loved your family memories. It's nice to post them for all to see and remember too. Happy Easter to you and your family too. Nice post!

  18. You did a fantastic job of showing all the family members and the many Easter celebrations. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I always remember Easter as a very special time. We always got new clothes and we also colored eggs and got Easter baskets.

    Thanks for reminding me of all the memories.

  19. Nice looking back on the memories of Easters past. Hope you and Russ have wonderful day. Happy Easter. Sure loved those old VW buses.

  20. What a wonderful reflection of Easter celebrations. I remember well, dressing our girls when they were youngsters. Carol and the girls always had new to them outfits for Easter.

    Hope you are enjoying the day relaxing.

  21. What a GREAT post!!! LOVE the 10 yr old you in that dress, what a NEAT dress!!!! I would be thinking of the dress too!!
    Love the pictures
    Happy Easter!!

  22. Your post was just perfect for today! Holidays are the hardest to be away from family, and truth is... it doesn't take much to make me tear up just thinking about all that is so special to me. It's good thinking about the happy times of the past... your photos could be part of my own albums... so similar to my own past. Thanks for sharing....

  23. We attended a small local church here in OK yesterday. The children all had on new Easter outfits. Glad some things have not completely gone by the wayside.

  24. Lovely memories.
    have to admit I chuckled at the boys 'hair styles' in the older photos. Boy they all had a mass of hair.
    Blessed Easter to your clan.