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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 11, 2012–Happy Birthday Russ!!

russ 001aApril 11, 1946 was a day of wonder in Portland, OR.  Baby boy Krecklow was born and his parents wondered, “Where did that red hair come from?”
russ 054

And so they named him “Russell” which being interpreted means “red-haired one.”

He was a cute little guy, which begs the question, “What happened?”

russ 025
russ 029

Russ always loved pets and he had (at various times) cats, dogs, a rabbit, mice, a rooster, guinea pigs, a REAL pig, ♫♪ and a porcupine wrapped in his mother’s coat ♫♪!
russ pets
Once upon a time there was going to be a pet parade in the land of Klamath Falls, and so Russ’s mom sewed a costume for Russ and he loaded up a portion of his menagerie and entered the parade.
russ 011
Even though he got in trouble for writing hall passes for friends, and “borrowing” a bass fiddle to play in a folk trio off campus, he did finally make it through high school and into college and the National Guard.
russ 018

Shortly after that came a wedding and then two baby boys..badda bo, badda bing…
cheryl 013

Unfortunately, Cheryl’s untimely passing shortly after the picture on the right was taken, left Russ alone with two little boys to raise.  In that unexpected way things have of working out, a new teller had just come to work at the bank where Russ was a loan officer.  And that is where I come in – for better or for worse!!

Russ has seen a LOT of birthdays in his 66 years.  And while the cakes may all be different, the shirts remain all plaid!

russ birthdays

But this birthday is the most important one he has ever had.  Why, you may ask…or maybe you won’t ask but I’m going to tell you anyway…it’s because he is the oldest he has EVER been!!  And he is still on the right side of the grass.  Years may come and years and go, but birthdays accumulate!

Just one more thing…Russ always thought he was Zorro when he was a youngster, and so for his birthday, I have decided to make it so.

The resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it?

Happy Birthday to My Hero – Russ, not that other dude!!


  1. A well done Birthday tribute indeed. Not only is there a Route 66 but now there is a Russell 66 as well. All the best Russ......

  2. Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY, I sent you a sunny day I hope it gets there okay.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Happy birthday to Russ! I hope you guys have an awesome day celebratin'! :)

  4. I'm happy to share my birthday with Russ :-))) Have a great one, Russ; I forgot today was the 11th until I read Donna's post.

  5. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to Russ... I loved seeing all the photos from over the years. Happy Birthday from me and Bill!

  6. Such a nice way to say happy birthday to your hubby! And we add ours to it - Happy birthday, Russ!

  7. Happy Birthday Russ...Zorro has nothing on you ! Great job Donna

  8. Happy Birthday Russ, Lolita and I wish you the bestest day ever, and our warmest wishes go out to you. Nice birthday post Donna.

  9. Russ, I hope you spend many more years on the right side of the grass. Enjoy your day.

  10. Happy Happy Birthday Russ!!!..hope you have a fabulous day!!..still as handsome as ever!!!

  11. Congratulations Russ! Living with Donna must be a laugh a minute. :)

  12. Happy birthday, Russ! Love the blog!

  13. Happy Happy Birthday to Russ (alias Zorro.

  14. Loved the tribute, Donna! Happy Birthday, Russ.

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post Thank you Donna and Happy Birthday Russ and only one piece of cake. Fred & Betty

  16. What a wonderful tribute. Happy Birthday Russ and I bet you're really glad that teller came to work at your bank.

  17. Happy Birthday to Russ -- great job Donna of memorializing Russ' day!

  18. Happy Birthday Russ. Enjoy the day and many more.

    It's about time.

  19. Happy Birthday Russ! (or should I say Zorro!)

    My middle name is Russell but I don't have a lick of red hair on me. It was also my mother's maiden name.

    Enjoy the day!

    Donna, I sure like the spread you did for Russ. Very nice tribute.

  20. Happy birthday Russ. What a great post. :)

  21. Oh, Happy Day!!!!
    Love the tribute & Zorro!!!

    Sam had those same glasses in the
    60's :-)
    Love the blog Donna wish I would have had time to do the same for Sam's b.d.....great idea..maybe next year. I'm sure you wont mind me stealing your idea

  23. Wow, what a wonderful post!!! I read your story some months back & it's a great story on how ya'll got together. You two definitely belong to each other(not that you own each other - heehee).
    Donna, you did a lot of work for todays post - what a great birthday gift for Russ.
    HaPpY bIrThDaY rUsS!!!!

  24. Happy Birthday Russ - and, a great tribute from Donna!!

    And Donna, thanks very much for not posting an up-to-date photo of Russ lying on a blanket!!

  25. Happy Birthday Russ and love that tribute Donna! U guys were made for each other. Many happy healthy returns of this day.

  26. Well, now we know why you were so comfortable with that planking business... it seems to have started early for you!!! Fortunately for us, at some point in the game you started wearing clothes!

    It also appears that you have multiple personalities! It's great that Donna gets along with them all so well!!!

    Have a great birthday however you choose to celebrate it! And be sure to thank Donna for allowing us to read about your interesting journey to today!

  27. Happy, Happy birthday, Russ. What a great job you did with this blog Donna. What a hoot looking at Rusero...Zer0 + Russ...get it.
    So glad you were hired at the exact time he needed someone to share his life and the boys with. God's hand at work again!
    Enjoy your day, birthday boy!

  28. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Russ, I mean Zorro!

  29. So, so sweet. You guys are so perfect together, how lucky for you both that YOU were the new teller. :)

    Happy Birthday, Russ! And MANY, MANY more!

  30. Wow! Great job on the tribute Donna! You do not do anything half way do you?

    Happy Birthday Russ! By the way, I am kinda partial to plaid shirts ;-))

    Hope you celebrate in a big way!

    Sharon & Ron

  31. Happy Birthday Russ! I hope you have many more birthdays and cakes too! This was really great Donna!

    John and Ellen

  32. Happy Birthday Russ and hope you enjoy many more.