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October 2014
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Krecklow Kiddie Kastle

Things are pretty quiet around here today and that’s a good thing!!  Bekah has gone to visit her other Grandma and Corbin and Anna are busy on the Wii.

Yesterday was another story.  Have any of you been to a roller skating rink lately?  We take the grandkids to our local Skate World every time they come to stay and they always seem to have a great time.  Here I caught three of them taking a break.

That’s Corbin, Bekah, and Brendan.

Anna would hardly get off the floor so I had to catch her in motion.


Now, while the kids are having a great time, it is not so great on the old folks!!  We knew it would be bad as we have been there many times, but yesterday was just too much!  This is what Russ looked like after two hours locked in the madhouse and it’s about how I felt!!


I don’t want to fall into the bear pit by criticizing modern music but, my goodness, there’s just so much “Noise” we can handle.  We both felt like we had been beat up on by the time we got out of there.  Of course they keep the music loud and pulsing so the skaters have something to skate to but it just wears on our nerves.  So next time, only the older ones will go skating and I think it will be a drop off/pick you up later type of deal.  By the behavior we observed, I think that’s what most parents do.  If I ever catch my grandkids behaving like some of the kids in the skating rink yesterday, it will be the last time they go.

I can remember going skating when I was a teenager.  Most of the music was organ music and it was mellow yet rhythmic.  We still got plenty of exercise and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Many danced to the music and it was beautiful, with twirls and moves that you don’t see in today’s roller skating rinks.   I think the mellow music also kept emotions under better control as there was not the yelling and screaming and running full tilt through the roller rink that we witnessed yesterday.  Music does set a mood and if the management of the rink wants high energy, out of control skaters, they pretty much got what they wanted.  I know, can’t go back, but sometimes I do wish …

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  So today is a good day to mellow out and relax a bit with a somewhat quiet day at home. 

We are still trying to figure out why the Fit won’t start.  Russ had the charger on the battery and it says it has a full charge but it is deader than a doornail.  Can’t use it as a toad if it won’t run!!  We are planning on delaying our April trip for a week to give us time to get that figured out and get Therapy ready to roll.  I somewhat optimistically thought I could load the motorhome this week while the kids were here but that just ain’t happening.  So, we’re flexible and will probably roll the second week in April.

So that’s the news from the nuthouse – over and out!


  1. Remember that conversation we had a couple of weeks ago about ear plugs............. I think they'd work there too. :)

  2. Heck can't even stand the music our kids listen to let alone the grandkids.

    Have the battery checked if it has a bad cell. If it's okay check the starter and solenoid. It's call process of elimination.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Well shoot! You should both have donned skates and joined them! I'm with you on the music/noise though... can't stand it! Still, looks like you're having a great/grand time.

  4. Lol, that why I named myself a "headlight/taillight grandma"...I love to see them come and I love to see them go. I firmly believe that's why God gives them to us when we're young....couldn't handle it otherwise. lol As for the music....yuk, yuk, yuk. I stick to 50's and 60's, not THAT was music!

  5. My mom used to talk about skating to organ music back when we were moving to some people call me the Space Cowboy (yeah). Some call me the gangster of love ... some people call me Maurice (why?) ... Now THAT was music! I still listen to it, and I don't even turn it down.

  6. I think I'd look like Russ after that little excursion! :)

  7. Haven't been to a roller skating place since the kids were in middle school. I do remember then how loud the music was.
    I got a big kick out of Russ' look. Paul would be the same way...IF I COULD GET EVEN HIM IN THERE.
    Drop off/pick up sounds like a great idea. ~wheresweaver

  8. That's the whole point... to get the emotions out of control! What I think anyway...

    I never was a fan of skating. When I was in scouts and things like that going to the little town a bit away was always a "reward" for things done well or the end of certain time periods and it was always a gigantic "big woop" for me..... I was glad when better things came along!

  9. I was wondering how you were going to load your motorhome while running your day camp! ;) Sorry to hear about the problem with the car. Maybe if you have to wait a week the weather will clear up? We're leaving for a few days in Port Townsend tomorrow and the forecast is rain, rain, and more rain!

  10. such good grandparents you and Russ are!!..I can remember going ice skating when I was younger..and the song that I remember is 'Kiss an Angel good morning' by Charlie Pride..now when I hear that song it has the memory of trying to ice skate!..making memories is what you are doing..those grandkids of yours will appreciate it one day soon!!

  11. I think I'll pass on the skating rink ... thanks ... too many kids, too much loud music in an enclosed area would turn me into a real grouch in no time.

    Sorry to hear the Fit is giving you fits again. Mui's never been good with names, and he doesn't read blogs. I fill him in on tidbits when I think there's something he might appreciate. I usually have to preface my conversations with him with something that will help him remember the bloggers -- for you it's "remember the fit that had a fit" -- from that blog you wrote oh so long ago. :-))) Hope the problem is nothing serious and won't interfere too badly with your plans.

  12. Loud music and kids go hand in hand. Russ should have donned some skates and went out there with them and skated full-tilt-boogie. HA!

    Sounds like your Fit is having a fit!