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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daffy Down Dilly

As a child I loved the poems of Robert Louis Stevenson and as a mom I often read them to my children.  One of his shortest ones goes like this:

Daffy Down Dilly
Has come to town
In a yellow petticoat
And a green gown

He was, of course, referring to the annual Daffodil Festival held each year in Junction City, Oregon!  What foresight he had…

So this weekend we visited the festival.  Although there were fewer daffodils blooming along the road than we have seen in the past, the bright yellow blossoms brought some color to the otherwise gray day.


Many years ago, the women of the town planted daffodils all along Fergusson Road.   The flowers have multiplied over the years and some years, when it is warmer, there is quite a thick display of color along the road.

The festival itself is at the Long Tom Grange.  There are the usual food and vendor booths – a mini fair if you will.  The festival was started as a fund raiser and the ladies of the grange baked wonderful huge cinnamon rolls and sold them for that purpose.  We have not been out to the festival in many years but I really wanted one of those Long Tom Grange cinnamon rolls so we decided to visit.  I bought two of the rolls but when I got home and was researching the festival, I found that the rolls were now baked by Market of Choice in Eugene!!  I’ve been HAD!!


In 2003, the Junction City School District was struggling for funds.  That was when the Men of the Long Tom Grange decided to do a calendar and sell it to raise money for the schools.  The men on the calendar all posed NUDE and, although estimates vary on how much money was raised, it was certainly more than they had hoped for.  Now some of those old geezers have passed away and some enterprising person has started a website that is a virtual graveyard for those nude models.  You can find your favorite deceased naked guy here.  They were still selling memorabilia from that adventure so I guess it is still raising funds for the schools.  Yee-Haw!


I saw something I wished I had had a few years back when we attempted to have a Hawaiian Luau in our backyard.


I’m sure our pig roast would have turned out much better than it did!

There was a horse drawn wagon giving rides for $2 a head.  They made a slow loop around the grange parking area (whoop-de-do).  We passed on the ride but the horses were nice looking.


What are you looking at?  Go buy a ticket!


Was it muddy out there?  See for yourself.


There was a lady there with llamas…

Bad Hair day

…and alpacas.  The alpacas were not on their best behavior!  I stayed well away as I didn’t want to get kicked.


This lady was spinning alpaca wool.


Remember the picture we got the other day of the llama in the field with the sheep?  Here’s what that is all about.


A large tee pee invited children to come inside and listen to the Native American storyteller.


And a musician entertained with his plucking and strumming.  Notice the propane heater?  It was NOT a warm day.  And, yes, that is the remains of our early morning snow fall there around the tee pee.


So, while it wasn’t the most exciting festival I have ever attended, it was a good break in routine and provided some interesting things to see.  And that, my friends, is the end of this tale.


  1. I LOVE those kinds of local fairs. So much to see, good stuff to eat, all in all a nice day walking around enjoying everything.

  2. Love your description of the festival.

    By the way what month was Russ in their calendar.

  3. I love small town fairs like this one. It just looked too cold to really enjoy it. I don't enjoy anything in the cold anymore. The horse looking back at you is a great picture.

  4. Local celebrations are our favorites! We love to contribute to the local economy. What fun you had. It does look a bit cold though. Love the photo of the horse. He does look like he is telling you to buy a ticket...hehe ~wheresweaver

  5. Now that Russ has that book "Strip Therapy," I'm wondering the same thing as Jimbo.

  6. Come on guys, you know Russ deserves a calendar all to himself!!

  7. I usually have a bumper crop of daffy's but this year, I had 3 to put in a vase and I saw one lone one out front tonight. :( My friend and also my sister in Wash. didn't have any either. I marched in the H. S.Band at Daffodil parade in Puyallup, WA all four of my high school years. . It's a huge parade. Hope they have enough to decorate this year....

  8. OK, I fell for it. I clicked on the nude guys site. No, I am not interested in visiting their cemeteries, thanks anyway. ;) Sounds like a fun festival when the weather is nice. Our farmer's market started up here this weekend--not good weather with snow and rain both yesterday and today. We did have a few short sun breaks, though, but it's been COLD.

  9. nice festival and great ending!..nice 'tail'!

  10. Looks so much more interesting than all the street art and craft fairs i have done over the years.

  11. Looks like they had a little bit of everything for everyone. We still remember the taste of the scones we had at the Puyallup Fair when we were living in Washington State in 1982. I bet they're no longer making them fresh on the spot ... but that won't stop us from getting a couple for old times sake when we get back west someday.

  12. Too bad about the rolls, but a neat festival none the less.

  13. I sure hope the rolls were still yummy!!! Looks like a fun day anyway. CUTE post & great photos~
    Have fun

  14. The little hometown festivals are supreme in our book. Much better tnan the huge ones attracting thousands of visitors, like the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, CA. This one looked big enough to have a lot to do, even if the wagon ride was ho humm.

  15. Great looking festival. We're looking forward to seeing Daffodils when we get back home in a few weeks!

  16. Looks like great fun...what a hoot with the nude males. I really liked the photo of the daffodils along the fence. I love hearing about your outings.

  17. That festival looks like so much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and descriptions. Thanks for taking us along.