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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sue and Mo and SNOW!!!

Sue and Mo from The MoHo and Other Traveling Tales stopped in Eugene on their way south last night.  They boon docked at Valley River Center, a great place for overnighting.  Laurie (of Laurie and Odel) wrote a review about boon docking here and you can read it on her review site, We Called it Home.

We made plans to go to breakfast together this morning so I rolled out a little earlier than usual.  Was I ever surprised when I looked outside and saw that it was SNOWING!!   REALLY!!  At the end of February in Eugene, OR???  Yup…and here’s the picture off my back deck to prove it!


Now just in case that doesn’t look like snow to you, I had Rusty go outside and bring in a sample.


Let me tell you, that is some serious snow, oh yeah!!!  We figured if we were real careful we might just manage to make it to breakfast anyway so we chained up the van…oh, well okay, we didn’t quite need the chains!  We went out to Valley River and led Sue and Mo to our 2nd favorite breakfast place in Eugene.  Why not our #1 favorite??  Because that one is on the other end of town and Ye Old Pancake House is located right on the road they needed to take to get to the coast.  ( Note to my Eugene readers - I ran into an old friend at the restaurant from my Daisy Duck days.  Cookie stopped by and said hello.)

At Valley River we saw this white egret just standing in the field.  I didn’t realize I had his human twin in the photo until I got home.  See the resemblance – the coloring is a perfect match!!


So off to the restaurant where we had a  jolly good time – and some good food too.  We talked about ya’ll and laughed a lot.  Not really – but we did laugh a lot!!  While we were eating, the snow started coming down again and it snowed pretty hard for, oh, about 10 minutes at least.  We also saw a pick-up truck pull in and it had a good layer of snow.  Must have been a resident of our “South Hills” (that’s up where the other half lives and they do get more snow than us flatlanders).

Mo and I both had saved part of our breakfast for our fur kids and Mo was feeding Abby her portion, not knowing that Russ had a nefarious plan in place.  He gathered a big snowball from the aforementioned pickup truck and was threatening an unsuspecting Mo.


Don’t worry – he behaved and tossed the snowball the other way.

One last picture of the whole gang as they loaded up and headed for the coast and then home to Rocky Point.  Look for Jeremy the cat in the MoHo doorway.


Thanks for breakfast you guys and for a REALLY fun time.  Hope to see you again soon.


  1. I smiled all the way through your post. You and Russ have such fun in your lives. Glad you had a great breakfast with friends. I don't hold out MUCH hope that I'll ever see Oregon, again, but if I do I am determined to meet you and Russ. Heck, I'll even take you out to breakfast in your favorite place--just for brightening so many of my days.

    Now, that poor person that got caught in your photo will go through life never knowing that he was compared (very) to an egret! LOL

  2. Whoops--brain cramp--Compared (very aptly)

  3. We will be meeting Sue and Mo in July.

  4. Of Course I love reading your posts... but... darn! You created another really neat collage!!!! Glad you had the opportunity to catch up with your blogging buddies... that sure looks like a lot of fun.

  5. A few snowballs always make the story even better. Glad you had a good breakfast and fine chat with Sue and Mo. No snow here in Pismo Beach, but we did have fog yesterday--that's about all I have to report in the weather department! :)

  6. Oh no!! Snow in Eugene. I don't like the sound of that it all. It makes it sound like winter hasn't left the area yet.

  7. It snowed here this morning, too ... for all of 2 minutes ... and then it was gone like it had never even happened and the sun was with some brutal winds. It's been an odd winter around here.

  8. no snow here thankfully, looks like you had a great breakfast visit...always nice to meet other rv bloggers...

  9. We love parking at the Valley River Center, along the Willamette River trails!

  10. You were so active I don't know how you digested anything! After I eat I'm all distended like a snake. You can see the shape of the textured vegetable protein in my midsection.

    I think I made myself queasy ...

    The Good Luck Duck

  11. Great Egret and Twin picture. And how fun to have breakfast with blogger friends. We sure do hope to get out to Oregon again but who knows when. Life keeps getting in the way of my travel plans.

  12. No snow in MO I hope our luck holds up supposed to be in the middle 60's today,Glad you were able to meet MoHO for breakfast, one of these days we will either roam out your way or meet you on the road someplace.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  13. You are too funny...Egert, human. But they do look alike.
    We always have such a great time too, when we meet fellow bloggers.
    You have a great eye to catch Jeremy in the doorway. Enjoy your day.

  14. Sounded like a great visit and a good breakfast to top it off. Sure surprised to see the snow, got to remember to watch out for Russ with those snow balls. Have a Great Sunday. Glad your test went well for you also.

  15. how great that you got to meet Sue, Mo, and Jeremy and Abby!..your list of blogging meet and greets is sure growing leaps and bounds!!..
    snowed here this morning!!