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October 2014
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Friday, August 5, 2011

A Very Good Week and meeting a fellow blogger

First, thank you to all who commented on my blog yesterday.  My dad was indeed a wonderful man and I count myself lucky to have had him for a father…and also just for being in this family.  I don’t know what I would do without my brother and sisters…and my extended family...they are the greatest!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled Blog!!

Well, we are without grandkids again and will be spending this coming week in recovery!   Just kidding…we love it when we have grandkids around but we do get tired.  We had a great time with Bekah, Corbin, and Brendan this week.

We had swimming ...

…and lounging by the pool…


…And pizza by the river…


…we had special “guests” at the pizza parlor (that’s a chance you take when you choose to dine outside!)…


…we visited a local park…


…and a local farm…


Yes, this is at the farm.  They have a full playground, along with the goats to pet.  They also have a place for weddings and in the fall, hayrides and a corn maze.  It's a fun place but I have my doubts about how much of the produce they sell (other than the berries and corn) is actually grown on the farm.  Oh well, it's fun.

…and another park where we found a tree that looked like it belonged in a Harry Potter movie (along with the bridge)…


…and a wonderful sitting tree…

…and a grandpa bench…

…and a foot print we are certain was made by Big Foot…

…and just a happy place to be.

We also visited the lake but it was pretty nasty that day.


We saw some paddle boarders….don’t think I’m going to try this anytime soon.

Today, when all was quiet on the western front, and it was again just Russ and Donna (as opposed to Grandma and Grandpa, we decided we were too tired to fix dinner and instead went to Sizzler for their senior steak dinner.  It was YUMMY!

Then we decided to go visit Barbara of Me and My Dog.  This is a first for us.  I never thought I would go knock on the door of someone I had never met before.  Somehow, with a fellow blogger, I just felt like I knew her already.  Barbara is staying at Armitage park which is only about 10 minutes from our house.  We found her easily enough and had a nice visit.  Katie is just an adorable little doggie and Barbara is just as nice as she sounds on her blog.  We might get together later in the week for another visit. 


So another week comes to an end and so does another blog.  Good Night!


  1. Sounds like a little R&R time is in order. Grandkids are fun, but they sure can tire you out. How nice that you got to meet "Me and My Dog". Isn't it pretty neat to already feel like you know the person, yet have never seen one another. And alwayss lots in common to talk about.

  2. Meeting other bloggers across the country is one of the perks of both blogging and traveling. :)

  3. Being with the grands is always great. Makes us miss ours reading this.

  4. It was such fun meeting you both yesterday! When I saw you in the car, it was like old friends were visiting, I couldn't wait to go out and say hi. I'm looking forward to visiting you next week. :)

  5. Looks like you and your granddaughter had a great time - lots of nice pics to treasure.

    Nice that you could meet up with Barbara and her dog too!

  6. Well, it sounds like you had a very full and fun-filled week. I'm glad you were able to meet up with your blogger friend, Barbara. We have stayed at Armitage Park and plan to return there some time in the future. It's a great, affordable park!

  7. Looks like a great "grand" time!!!

    And, if that kitty came from "build a bear", I built the same one!!! Mine is somehow named...


    you prolly figgured that out.....

  8. nothing like an impromptu meet and greet!!!..good for you...I am sure that Barbara and Katie just loved you!!..you can knock on our door anytime!.!!!

  9. Oh.my.gosh. I found your blog through "Me and My Dog" and when I saw the photo of your dog (Rusty?) by the pool I about flipped! I thought it was a photo of our dog! I sent the link to my husband and he was totally confused asking if it was a pic of our pup that he had never seen before! :) Do you know anything about your pup? I rescued mine at ~9 weeks old, but assume he's a Shepherd/Chow mix. I linked (or tried to link) to an image of him instead of a web address linked to my name here. Just had to post something and let you know! :)

  10. Hi Allie, hope you check back here as your link doesn't work. Get a page not found error. Would love to see a picture of your dog. Rusty is a rescue dog now 14 years old. They said he was a shepherd mix but didn't specify mixed with what!! He is only about 42 lbs so pretty small for a shepherd. Would love to see a photo of your dog. Rusty is from Oregon.

  11. Hi Donna! This should link to a full body shot...I poked around your blog and I'm guessing Rusty is a bit smaller that my dog (Keto's about 70 pounds) and you can see that in the size/shape of the face. But the coloring is uncanny!

    In the interest of equal opportunity for my other pup, here are a couple of links to shots of both of them together... :)



  12. Oops - you actually mentioned Rusty's size...so, he could be Keto's Mini-Me! ;)

    One of our favorite things about our RV (and part of why we decided to purchase one) is the travel with our dogs. We like to bring them along whenever we can and this way of travel is so much more convenient with (large) dogs than hotels!