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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meeting the MoHos and It’s the Berries

I read a lot of blogs and it has been so much fun to meet some fellow bloggers.  I have only been at this for less than a year, but it seems like I have known some of you for a lot longer.  And so it seemed today when we met the MoHos.  They really do have names, Sue and Mo, and the MoHo moniker refers to their motorhome, but to us they are affectionately known collectively as the MoHos.

We met Sue and Mo at Roaring Rapids pizza parlor.  They were on their way home from a short trip north of here and had to go right through Eugene on their way home.  I suggested the pizza place as it is right on the river and it was sunny and warm when we set this up.  Wouldn’t ya know…today was cloudy and windy, with a definite chill in the air.  Not to worry, we had a great lunch and had fun just visiting.  I couldn’t talk them into riding the carousel however!

Here are Sue and Mo at Roaring Rapids with the Willamette River in the background.
the mohos

Seems like Sue and I are the photo bugs of the group.

i got you

And here’s Russ making friends with Abby in the parking lot.russ and abby

The whole gang …
whole gang

As we wave goodbye, we know in our hearts that we will see these fine folks again.  After all they are only a few hours down the road, very near to where Russ spent his growing up years.  It was GREAT to meet you, Sue and Mo, and your sweet fur kids.


I am usually a shy person, not given to meeting new people.  But blogging has been good for me.  The folks that we have met thus far have seemed like old friends from the moment we meet.  There is something special about the blogging community that transcends age, political or religious views, gender, full timing or part timing, all those things that could be divisive.  I find myself being more open to new people and differing ideas.  I enjoy meeting and visiting with people who might be termed “strangers," something that has always been hard for me.  I think this blogging stuff is a good thing – I know the people certainly are!

The day was young when we saw the MoHos on their way and so, inspired by Rick, we decided to get some blackberries.  They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so, Rick and Paulette, prepared to be flattered!  After reading your blog last night, I was so hungry for blackberries that I just had to find some.  And, although my "imitation" does not extend to all the magical things Paulette can do in the kitchen, I knew I needed to try making some freezer jam - something I haven't done in years.

Anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest area, knows the about the ubiquitous blackberry.  They are EVERYWHERE.  People fight them like weeds and road crews routinely chop them down along roadways.  Our favorite picking place used to be the local middle school.  Then they expanded the school, put in some nice landscaping and it was bye-bye blackberries.  Humbug!!

So today we drove a short way to the river and joined some others in the quest for sun ripened wild blackberries.  There were plenty of bushes to be found, but seemed the cooler weather this week had made picking a favorite activity.  The easy berries were picked out and reaching the harder ones was quite a chore.
berry bushes

Russ did his best and came away with a slightly red hand and a wound he was quite proud of (yeah, I know…wear long sleeves!).

By now it was warming up and we were starting to run out of energy.  We tried another place and had a bit more success.

So we got enough wild berries for a good blackberry crisp and I made two batches of freezer jam with the domesticated variety.  Although the ones we got at the farm were large and looked great, the taste was just not the same as the ones we picked by the river.  There is just something about a wild blackberry that can’t be beat.  Maybe we’ll get out again and find a more accessible place but until then, we’ll just do what we gotta do to get them thar berries!!


  1. It's 10PM and we just got home after wandering up the Mackenzie River, hiking the waterfalls, and WISHING we could pick blackberries. Good thing we didn't or we would have NEVER arrived home. MoHo's?! I love it, Donna. I loved meeting you two as well, although I still haven't even begun to think about downloading photos. That will have to wait until tomorrow pm when I get home from work. Thank you soo much for lunch!! I just dropped in to try to send you an email and you have already BLOGGED!!! Amazing, amazing.

  2. Freezer jam ... hmmm! Something for hubby to try his hand at ... although he'll have to make do with store/market bought in our little urban patch.

  3. Always great to meet fellow bloggers.

    We have wild berries here in our park, so I guess we better give it a try-after I find some gloves:)

  4. Always a bonus when you get to meet fellow bloggers :)..looks like you all enjoyed the visit

  5. When we volunteered at Bonneville Dam in OR one of our jobs was cutting and clearing blackberry cane. Our arms were getting all scratched up even with long sleeves, and someone finally suggested using welding gloves, which really helped. Don't care if we ever see blackberries again!

    And yes, the fun thing about meeting fellow bloggers is you feel like you already know them through their blog and don't feel at all like strangers when you finally meet.

  6. Looks like a GREAT day to me ~ how fun meeting old bloggin friends and spending some great time with them... Perfect! Loved the Blackberry story...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  7. you are getting quite the list of bloggers you have met!!..good for you for overcoming your fears!!..
    now as for the jam and the desserts?..yummuy!!!!

  8. Mo and Sue are two bloggers that I sure hope to meet someday. Along with you and Russ, of course! :)

  9. I know when somebody suggests something, they usually end up being the committee that plans it. I ain't a-gonna be that committee, but wouldn't it be a fun thing to have a centrally-located rally of RVing bloggers? Rick could teach some classes, Al could get us all more tuned up in photography, you guys could bring blackberry jam -- oh what a time it would be. And we'd all be good friends already!

  10. It is always a great thing to run into fellow bloggers in your travels. I have run into some folks whose blog I have read before I began fulltiming.

  11. Thanks for the shout-out! Russ is a brave man to go picking blackberries in a short sleeved shirt. I'm surprised he's not scarred for life!

    Glad you had a great time meeting up with the Moho's - looks like you all had fun.

  12. We have a bunch of wild blackberries near where we live. They are a royal pain to pick, but taste so good. One year I even got thorns in my shoes! Sounds like you had a nice lunch with your new friends!

  13. So glad you got to meet up with fellow bloggers/RVers!! Isn't it wonderful?? You are so right....the blogging community is certainly special and has meant alot to Mike and I.
    Love those berries!!!

  14. The video was great. Blackberry seefood. Who would have thought!

  15. I've picked two baggies of blackberries here at this park, but I use them on my morning cereal. So good! There were a lot of berries on the river trail at Armitage along the McKenzie River. They weren't ripe when I was there, but I'll bet they are now.
    The Moho's look like they would be fun to meet up with. Glad you enjoyed your lunch with them. :)

  16. Craig just ordered a camcorder. I guess there will be a few videos on my site someday. Unless I can convince him to start his own blog!

  17. having just met Sue and Doug a couple of weeks ago, I know how much fun that was!!

    as for the picking wound... I can't vouch for the fun in that however....

    have a great time with the eating part of it!!