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October 2014
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Klean Kids

PREFACE:  I just wanted to thank everyone who left comments on my recent Medicare post.  I sincerely appreciate all the input.  Gives me a lot to think about and I know I will be doing plenty  of research between now and the primaries.  It’s apparent that when it come to medical issues, one size does not fit all!  And thank you for putting up with my rant – for that truly was a rant borne of frustration and disillusionment.  Sometimes I just let it all hang out!!

And now….about those Klean Kids!

Today was a good day for me but a bad day for Rusty and Poppy – today was grooming day.  Because of Poppy’s skin condition, we have been washing her back at home with medicated soap and have not taken them to the groomers for the full meal deal.  I couldn’t stand it any longer.

Of course Rusty gets the shakes as soon as we pull into the driveway.  Poppy doesn’t like it either but she’s not quite so bad.  They are always glad when we come pick them up again. 

By the way, I got an interesting comment from Allie who picked me up from Me and My Dog.  She sent me a link to a photo of her dog that looks so much like Rusty, (another shot) .  I can’t find a blog for Allie so if she sees this, please let us know your blog address.

I think that both of my Fur Kids were holding a grudge today though.  I wanted a pretty picture of them to show how nice and tidy they looked but they were having none of it.  I got a couple of profiles of Rusty but notice the position of the tail…not happily curled over his back like it usually is.

Still won’t look at me…

But it was worth it.  Rusty is SO SO SOFT after his grooming and he gets lots of loves from mom and dad.

Poor Poppy was REALLY put out.  Not only did we take her to that mean lady with the soap and the nail clippers, I had the nerve to expect her to smile for the camera???

She looked to her left…


…and she looked to her right…


…and she gave me the squinty eyed glare……


…and she finally made clear what she thought of this whole business.


A couple of treats later she graciously allowed me a sweet picture, even holding up BOTH ears, something that seldom happens.


So two happy parents, two unhappy dogs (but they’ll get over it)…and that’s the end of this tale.



  1. Rusty and Poppy are looking mighty fine!!!..now will Poppy's hair ever grow back??..Tucker's issue with hot spots are pretty much all gone..hair is back and he is as houndsome as ever!!

  2. Boy, your furkids were definitely not happy with you today. But they look so pretty. Our girls don't look much different after a bath but they sure do smell better.

  3. What fluffy puppies they are! Bet they smell good too.

  4. By a strange coincidence, Molly and Rylie got baths today too. Like your pups, ours are all clean and fluffy now - at least for a day or two!

  5. I am always impressed at what a great job dog groomers do. Checkers used to come home looking & smelling so great. Rusty & Poppy do look a little miffed alright. I'm wondering if the Groomer put the bandanas on the guys. Checkers always came home from the Groomers with a new bandana on.

  6. Clean dogs are a treat! They'll get over being mad at you. You told your story very well, punctuated by the pictures. Well done!

  7. Clean puppies are a great thing... my little girl needs some of that attention too!

  8. You dogs are so funny - they REALLY don't like being groomed. But they are so pretty now - and they must feel better after a nice bath. I'm glad I don't have to have Katie groomed. She never looks different, even after I bathe her, which isn't often.