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October 2014
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Friday, April 15, 2011

June Lake in April

Yesterday we went 60 miles south on Hwy. 395 to Lone Pine.  Today the plan was to go 60 miles north to June Lake. 

First stop was the Millpond Park where the doggies could run around for a few minutes and get the wiggles out.  Dogs are not allowed in the park itself but there is open desert area where they can meander and a fence to keep them from meandering too far!  While there, Russ had a close encounter with the creature from the black lagoon.  This monster was huge and Russ screamed like a girl!


It was a beautiful day for a drive, with azure skies and cottony clouds.  The view towards the north was one AWWW! moment after another.


About halfway between Bishop and June Lake, we stopped at the rest area to give the dogs (and us) a break. 


Despite the stubborn snow the day was warm and we had high hopes for some beautiful shots of June Lake.  When we were last there in October 2007, there was a wonderful observation tower just as you turn to go down the North Shore Road.  This is a picture of Russ observing the lake from that tower on October 2007.  It was a great overlook and provided a spectacular view of the lake.

observation tower oct 07 
We were a bit disoriented when we turned the corner and found nothing but a paved turnout with a 3 foot concrete wall.  That wonderful observation tower had been replaced with this:

Click on the picture to read the inscription.  Seems the tower was replaced with a memorial to illegal slot machines.  Go figure.

So we drove on into the village hoping to go down to the marina or the state park and get some nice pics.  Both were closed.  The best we could do was a picture of this house on stilts.  Shows you how much snow they get up here.

On the way back to the highway, I spotted this lovely lady on the balcony of her house.  I pulled over so Russ could take her picture.


However, the close-up revealed that the poor soul must have been out in the snow and had apparently lost two fingers to frostbite.  Can’t say much for the plastic surgeon who fixed her up!


The car parked out front had a license plate which read “Haven” so we can only assume that the lovely lady on the balcony is Miss B. Haven.

As we drove back towards the highway, Russ noticed some RVs down in the campground by the lake.  We figured the North Shore Road must be open so we decided to give it a try.  The road was open all the way to the campground but the campground was closed.  The vehicles must have gone in the “exit only” and were boon docking in the closed campground.  The road down to the beach, where we wanted to go, was still clogged with snow.  That is about all of the lake we could see from our vantage point.


We did find a place to pull off the road and let the dogs play for a few minutes.  Poppy is the snow dog of the family and she just couldn’t get enough.  Watching her make snow angels was the best part of the day.




As we headed for the main road, Russ tried for one more shot of the lake…not so good!


This is what the lake should look like.  I took this photo back in October 2007, from a much better angle.  Today just wasn't our day for lake photography I guess.

june lake oct 07  
At any rate we enjoyed a pleasant and scenic drive and Poppy got to play in the snow so it was all good. 

After dinner Russ looked out the window and we saw these two little guys walking across the front of our camp site.


And so my friends, June Lake I believe is better in October than it is in April.  And that’s the end of this tale.


  1. You make me smile! The end of the tale, doggy snow angels, and last but not least, Miss B. Haven. Clever, very clever!

  2. love the snow angel picture..Poppy is a prize!!another great post!...thanks for sharing!
    screamed like a girl??..now that is funny!!

  3. Sure makes me wish we were still on the road going somewhere. Would love to still be in the area you are in now, even with those Black Lagoon creatures skittering about.......

  4. Doggy snow angels ... that's a new one on me:-)