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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grandgirls Day and Spring on the way


Today was mostly taken up with two of our granddaughters.  Cailin age 11, and Emmie age 8, attend a local Japanese immersion school which is part of the public school system.  On Wednesdays, they have early release at 11:40am so when we are in town we pick them up and spend the afternoon with them.  Their mom is a school teacher at a nearby school and their Dad, our son Josh,  works nights as a cardiac care RN at the local hospital.  We pick up the girls and Dad gets to sleep and Mom gets to keep working!!


Just a quick aside here.  I talked in one of my other posts about our oldest son, John, and his midlife career change.  He went from banker to long haul truck driver.  Well, middle son Josh also had a mid-life career change.  He went from truck dispatcher to RN!  Early in their marriage, Josh worked while his wife went back to school to get her master’s and become established as a teacher.  Then, when they were able, Josh went back to school and became a Registered Nurse.   John’s wife also went back to school a few years ago to become a CNA .  I am very proud of my sons, and their wives.  It is Josh’s girls that we had over this afternoon.


The grandgirls had a good time with grandma and Papa today.  First we had lunch…


…and I had to take this photo to prove to the parents that it isn’t ALL ice cream and cookies at grandma’s.  Of course I didn’t photograph the large servings of mac and cheese which followed.


After lunch we had a few rousing games of BINGO.  I put prizes in foil bags and when they P1010835won, they got to choose a prize.  There were a few “booby” prizes in those bags too.  Cailin got a lemon (which she actually thought was great) but Emmie didn’t think much of her prize of  little catsup packages.  Oh well, they got some other stuff and had fun doing it.


After that, it was Wii music.  They evenP1010836 talked me into playing with them.  Normally I ‘m not much for video games but we had some fun with the music game. 


Soon it was time for us to drop them off at the music teacher’s house and we went out to pick up Therapy from the tire store.  We got valve extenders put in today.  We were told they could also do a front end alignment but they determined their equipment was not quite big enough for our rig.  Lazy Daze recommends having the first alignment at 1500 miles, but I’m not sure why.  We certainly have had no problems with Therapy but I guess we will do what we were told and take her to the RV place and get that alignment. 


P1110608Russ looked out across the the school yard behind our house this afternoon and ran for the camera.  He saw that the neighbors on the other side of the school had trees in full bloom and he wanted to get aP1110621 picture while it was not raining.  Then he snapped this picture of Rusty and Poppy between our camellia and our rather sparse forsythia in the side yard.  The front has some daffodils blooming now. 






And you REALLY know spring is on thP1110613e way when you start seeing these little devils!





That’s all for now.  If anyone has any experience with Pressure Pro or other tire monitoring systems and would like to share your experience, good or bad, we would like to hear it.  Thanks.


  1. I had to laugh at the Bingo prizes - a LEMON and CATSUP PACKAGES??? That is so funny! Such a Grandma thing to do. I can see me doing the same thing. It looks like the girls are having a great time.

  2. We have had nothing but good experience with our Pressure Pro system. It alerted us to a bad towed car tire once, and has alerted us a couple of different times to problems with our motorhome tires. It's much better than waiting for an unexpected blowout. We were able to transfer the Pressure Pro from our old to our new motorhome. Dave highly recommends the system!

  3. Sounds like the grandgirls have almost as much fun visiting as you do having them! I liked the prizes too! :) We've seen lots of evidence of Spring here too. I've started snapping pictures of all the blooming flowers. Now if the rain would just stop...

  4. Great post -- nothing like spending an afternoon with grandbabies:) Loved the prizes.

  5. What a great day with the Grandkids - can't beat that! Sure looked like they were having fun too - just as much with the old Bingo game as the new Wii.

    We don't have a tire pressure monitor. I just check the tires each morning and since we stop every few hours for fuel or at a rest stop, I always do a walk around and do a visual check to make sure they are properly inflated.

    The best tire check, I think, is to have good tires on your vehicle.

  6. We are finding out that spending time with the grand kids is absolutely one of the best ways to spend time!

    Looks like you are having a great time.

  7. Nice spring pictures. We have been seeing a lot of trees in bloom her in Louisiana.

  8. I first bought my Pressure Pro system for my Class C and utility trailer in the winter of 2008 while at the Gypsy Journal Rally in Casa Grande. I bought it from Mike and Pat McFall...you can't get any better service than from them.

    When I sold the motorcycle and trailer and bought a car, I bought two more sensors from them.

    Fast forward to when I met Stu and we added two more sensors so the system would work on his Freightliner and 3-axle fifth wheel.

    Twice now the Pressure Pro has gone off and alerted us to a bad situation. The last was just a couple of days ago...saved us from what could have been a much more dangerous and expensive situation!

  9. If you need any more info on the PressurePro, just give us a call. s Pat will answer any questions you might have and give you 7 day a week 7am to 7pm service. PressurePro is the oldest wireless tire pressure monitoring system on the market and the ONLY one made in USA.....

    Thanks for reading my Blog....

  10. I cannot believe that somewhere in America there are blooming trees and flowers, budded, ready to pop open!! Sigh...here, in NE Indiana, winter is gradually giving up the goose.
    Your dogs are adorable...and so happy that you two are living your dream. We enjoyed our three years on the road in our Winnebago. Due to the stock market crashing, we both went back to work..for now. Our motorhome is out there, waiting on us though. We'd go in a minute if we could. I documented our days on our blog, and we wish we could make some new posts of trips.
    We were camp hosts in a state park for several summers, and saw as much of the US as we could. Lordy...it's fun out there, isn't it???