October 2014

October 2014
Day Trip to Oakridge Oct 2014

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day Off

We took the day off today and drove up to the small town of Oakridge on Or. Hwy. 58.  We visited Casey's Riverside RV Park in Westfir, about four miles west of Oakridge.  We will be staying at this resort in May for a Lazy Daze get together.  It's a very nice place and right on the river.  The river runs fast and deep here so you want to keep your pets and small children on their leashes! 

Click on any photo for  a larger view.
The driveway into Casey's RV Resort.  It was drizzling and cold so
I was lazy and took the pictures from inside the car.
This is the small creek at the entrance and on the left is the office.

This is outside the store/office.  Cute!

Their mailbox is unique.

A view of some of the riverside sites.  Very nice.

That is a rock fire-pit and table right by the river. 

What a wonderful place to spend an evening...when the weather
warms up!

This is a group area - perfect for a potluck!

Russ took this one through the windshield just for fun.  I like it!

This is our stop at Greenwaters Park and Rest Area at the east end
of Oakridge.  Rusty was interested in this hollow tree.

Rusty and Poppy like to go down the boat ramp and eat grass and
explore all the yummy scents along the river.

Russ is all bundled up against the cold.

I think Rusty was wishing it were warmer so he could go swimming.

Rusty found a small clump of snow that had fallen from someone's
car.  He wanted more!  I love this rest area because no matter how
cold it is outside, the bathrooms are always warm.  They have great
infared heaters inside.

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