October 2014

October 2014
Day Trip to Oakridge Oct 2014

Friday, January 16, 2015

Thank You All and Here’s a Retro Post

I have to say I am gratified, and not a little surprised, by all the well wishes and comments I received on my last post.  I figured by now I had disappeared from everyone’s sidebar.  It is sure nice to know we still have friends out there.  You know, Blogville is a real place, with real people, and real friendships!!  I read an article just the other day on the benefits of social media.  While a blog is not Face Book or Google+, it is still a social outlet and a way to stay connected with others.  

So having said that – you don’t know what kind of a monster you have created!!  Some of you encouraged me to continue writing and some even said they would read what I wrote!  We’ve had some interesting times and some adventures with the dogs since I last posted a meaningful update in May of 2014.  Since many of you mentioned the dogs, I think I’ll go back and write a few retro posts of what has been going on since May. 

Christmas is not that far past and since I didn’t greet everyone at Christmastime, I’ll catch up on that now!  Merry Christmas, everyone.  Hope it was a good one! 

We wanted to make a Christmas card with our new doggies and so one day I set up shop in the living room and tried to get an appropriate picture.  Ollie is the sweetheart when it comes to posing for pictures so most of his photos look pretty much the same.  I put him in one spot and he stays there – looking pitiful – but he stays put and tries to give me his best pose.  We did get a one outtake though!

I should never have used gold drapes as a backdrop on Ollie – it seemed to absorb his red/gold color and make him look more silver.
But he was a good boy and sat patiently and endured his fate.

Jewel on the other hand cannot sit still to save her life!  She is a true wiggledy worm.  Some of her outtakes were pretty funny.
First Russ tried to bribe her with a treat – she laid down.

He tried again and she sat up straighter – but oh what a look!

Oh Yum, good treat – where’d they go?

Here Jewel, let Daddy fix your hat.

Is this really necessary?

We finally gave up on the tall hat and traded it for a shorter one.  Jewel gave up on posing.

Oh, woe is me!!!

Finally, we gave up on getting a perfect shot and used what we had.  There was NO WAY to get them both in the same picture so I picked the best we had and PhotoShopped them together.
And that was our Christmas Card!
ollie and jewel 2 copy
P.S. They only had to wear their costumes for the photo shoot.  I took them off right after.  Ollie actually likes to wear stuff – Jewel, not so much!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Final Farewell

We watched our beloved Therapy leave our driveway this morning for the last time – with someone else at the wheel.  

We sold it to a couple from New Mexico, Bob and Diana.  Bob will be 86 in a couple of months and is a former Lazy Daze owner.  He wanted a new rig but the wait now to have one built is a year!!  Bob and Diana were happy to get the motor home and the Fit and we were glad they went to a good home.  Sorta like re-homing your pup!!  (well, maybe not quite!!)



Russ drove the Toyota and they followed him out to the freeway.  He got them headed southbound on I-5 so they are on their way home.  Good luck Bob and Diana and enjoy the rig.

As for us, I think we are done with travel.  If we want to go somewhere, we will stay at Mr. Marriott’s campground and let him take care of the maintenance and upkeep!  He can even make the bed and serve us a free breakfast!

I have nothing but the greatest respect for those who choose to travel in RVs so please do not think I am disrespecting you at all.  We have had an RV of one type or another most of our married lives – and we have enjoyed them.  We both grew up “camping” with our families and we continued that lifestyle with our kids.  Our dream was to continue that lifestyle into our retirement years.

But things have changed.  Russ has had too many problems with his diabetes for us to be comfortable with him driving the motorhome for long distances.  I can drive it, but I don’t enjoy it.  Plus the Lazy Daze seemed a lot smaller than we thought it was going to be and we just weren’t all that comfortable – especially when traveling with our poochies!!

And speaking of poochies – we are very happy with our two little mini-Aussies (actually they are registered now as Miniature American Shepherds).  I guess we found that we like dogs more than we like to travel.  Both dogs do great in the car and are fine day travelers but Ollie has problems with being in places that are new to him.  If you think of a child with autism, that would be about how Ollie reacts.  He cannot help it, it is just the way he is wired. He cannot handle too much sensory input.  We are helping him learn to deal with his issues but it is taking time, medication and patience to work through it all.  One trip in the motorhome with Ollie was about all I wanted to do!!


We LOVE where we live – our old house, our big backyard, and our geographic location.  We can be at the lake or either one of our two local rivers in a matter of minutes.  We can be at the coast in an hour or in the mountains in just a little over an hour.  And I can do more of the driving and give Russ a break!!  

So don’t feel bad for us – we are right where we need to be and are still enjoying life.  I may write about our day trips from time to time or about our adventures with our little dogs.  It won’t be an RV blog but I feel I have become friends with so many of you that I don’t want to totally give up that sense of community.  I was going to start a whole new blog but what the heck - I LIKE you people!! I guess if what I write is of no interest to anyone then I will still have a written record for my own purposes.

And if any of you are in the Eugene area, please give us a call.  We’ll be here!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Lazy Daze for Sale

Yup, it’s true, we are selling Therapy.  It seems that we are not destined to be travelers and we would like to see someone get some use out of this RV. For those of you not familiar with my blog, this is a 2011 31’ TB Lazy Daze.  We bought it new from the factory and took delivery on February 24, 2011.  

We booked it out on NADA and the suggested retail price is $93,500.  Low retail is $63,934 and average retail comes in at $77,042.  We have about 16,000 miles on it and have all service records.  We are asking $75K for the motorhome.  Also selling the Honda Fit that is set up to tow with the motorhome.  They look good together!!  Will sell separately or together.  We haven’t yet booked out the Fit so don’t know yet what the price will be but it will be fair.  The Fit has 22K miles on it.  

dance country

One of the reasons we wanted a motorhome was so we could travel with our beloved dogs, Rusty and Poppy.  If you have read the blog, you know that didn’t work out well.  Both dogs were old, and although they wanted to travel, it was just too hard on them.  We ended up leaving them home with a sitter most of the time and that was NOT what we wanted.  When we lost first Rusty, and a year later, Poppy, we just didn’t have the same urge to travel.  We put over 10,000 miles on the coach the first year we had it and then in the last three years less than 6000 more miles total.


We now have two new-to-us dogs, and we made one trip with them.  P1060038Seems the lady we got them from was not exactly honest with her reasons for re-homing the dogs.  Jewel is just that: a jewel.  Her brother, Ollie, however, is a whole different story.  Ollie has “issues!”  He is reactive and fearful and that makes him aggressive.  That does NOT make for a good travel dog.  He is very fearful of new situations and does not like strangers ollie 2 beforeor other dogs.  The problem is, he is very loving with us and we love him right back.  We have spent thousands on training and medication for Ollie and he is better, but he will never be a calm, normal dog.  He is just not wired that way.  At one point I called the breed rescue about the possibility of finding a more suitable home for him.  They will not take him because of his aggression and their attorney told us we could be liable if we re-homed him and he bit someone.  He has never drawn blood but he has snapped at most family members.  So it’s basically us or we put him down.  I’m just not ready to do that yet and so will continue with training and meds for now.  Thus, we will not be traveling.  Even if by some miracle Ollie became suddenly manageable, I just don’t want to travel with dogs anymore.  We are happy here and we go on rides and day trips and I think that will be enough.

So if you have been thinking about a Class C, do your research and see if a Lazy Daze might be the rig for you.  You can contact us at grandma_kr at yahoo dot com.  Thanks and happy travels to you all out there.  I still read blogs when I am not training the dogs but haven’t had much time to comment. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quick Update

For those of you who asked – just a quick update on the sickies.  Brother-in-law Brian has been released from the hospital in Bishop and is weak but doing fine.  My sister, Laila, is still a patient but may be released this evening or in the morning.  Her potassium went way low and so they are doing some sort of IV therapy and have her hooked up to a heart monitor.

On the bright side, both patients are raving about how caring and concerned the staff is at the hospital in Bishop.  They brought in a couch for Brian to sleep on in Laila’s room after he was released.  They went out to their car and brought in clothes and items they needed.  Laila said they treat them like guests of a hotel rather than patients.  I guess that’s better than being stuck somewhere uncaring.

Saturday, my brother got sick but he was only sick two days.  Monday his wife got sick and she is feeling better today.  Guess Brian and Laila got the worst of it.  I told them I was feeling a bit of survivor's guilt for having escaped that terrible bug.  Here I planned the trip, then bailed on the last part of it, and everyone who went to Bishop got sick!  But I am glad that Russ and I managed to hold onto our supper!!  Makes me think twice about “One Last Trip” to Bishop!

Thanks to everyone for your concern.  I think they are all going to live but it is certainly a trip none of us will ever forget!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Susanville RV Park

This is out of order but wanted to let you all know about a nice park in Susanville, CA if you are ever on the road in that area.  A few years ago we were going to Reno and boondocked near the Wal-Mart.  However, that location is where we stopped for lunch the other day and were accosted by the crazy lady. 

We got a late start leaving Reno to head home, so we only went as far as Susanville.  I had looked up the Susanville RV Park online and it looked like a nice place to spend the night.  At $39 is was a bit high for the facility but at least it was quiet and there were no crazy ladies yelling at us!
We had a nice pull through, and even though the grass was not exactly green, it was better than the artificial turf we had at Sparks Marina.  The dogs were too busy reading the pee-mail to look at the camera!!

The spaces here are concrete and ours was totally level.  Didn’t have to do a thing but pull in and unhook the car.

The park is basic with no real amenities other than a laundry room but for an overnighter, it filled the bill.  It is a couple of blocks off the highway and was very quiet.  The park backs onto an empty field and we saw several deer browsing for their dinner.  There is a nice view of the mountains…these mountain had a dusting of snow the next morning.


One of the unique things about this park – and I really appreciated this – is the way they do the dog runs.  The dog run was separated into four fenced units so the doggies did not have to share.  Ollie does not like to potty when he is on a leash but he does not play well with others.  It was nice to be able to let him off the leash and not worry about some other dog coming into his enclosure. 

The runs were small but it worked fine for us.  There is plenty of open space at the park for the dogs to walk on leash and sniff at all the interesting smells.  The park has placed doggy bags and trash cans all around the perimeter of the park so it is always handy to pick up any accidents.

This park does have a great location.  It was only a couple of blocks to the highway and a small shopping complex.  I went to the Safeway right across the highway for groceries.  There was also a Rite-Aid drugstore, a Starbucks, McDonald’s and was very close to Wal-Mart and more small stores. 

It was cold in Susanville and WINDY.  It rained some in the night and the mountains all got a dusting of snow.  The sky darkened in the evening and the wind howled like a banshee.

All in all, I would recommend Susanville RV Park for an overnight stay.

On a less happy note, got a call this morning from my brother - the one we had planned the trip to see.  We ended up not continuing on to Bishop but David and Linda, and Brian and Laila did.  Brian got real sick in the night and is now in the hospital in Bishop.  Not sure what's wrong - bad diarrhea, dehydrated, dangerously low blood pressure, and some kind of systemic infection.  Worried about getting them home.  I'm trying to talk one of their grandkids into flying into Reno (no airport in Bishop) and driving them home.  Not sure when Brian will be released from the hospital.  Prayers appreciated!!

Brian, Laila, and Linda earlier in the day at Lake Sabrina.
at lake sabrina

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

McCloud Dance Country RV Park

For years we passed this park going to and from Reno.  Most of the time we were traveling in the van but we were always intrigued by this place.  In another life, we were square dancers and we knew that this park hosted many gatherings of such dancers.  We never went to one but it was fun to think about.
square dancers 001
Yup, that’s us in our Do Si Do outfits!!

So this time we decided to stay here on our way to Reno and tonight we are here again on our way back from Reno.  Apparently the name is changing from Dance Country RV Park to McCloud RV Resort but whatever name you call it by, it’s a great park.  You know how most websites put up pictures that make their place look wonderful but when you arrive, you wonder where the pictures were taken?  I can honestly say that this is one park where the website pictures don’t do it justice.

Located just 9 miles from the junction of I-5 and Hwy. 89, this park is well worth the drive off the freeway.  The sites are large and the ones we stayed in were completely level.  Of course not all spots are concrete, some you park on gravel and some directly on the grass.

There are a couple of ponds and a little creek runs right through the park.  The dogs love to get a drink of the fresh cold water and maybe get their toes damp, but they are definitely not water dogs.  Rusty would have been lying smack dab in the middle of that water.

There are lots of open grassy areas and a large covered pavilion for group gatherings.

P1050896No long ribbons of concrete here with RVs lined up in neat little rows.  There are different areas on either side of the creek and you can choose shaded or open, gravel, paved, or grassy.  You can choose to be on the water or near the bathhouse.  There are even horseshoe pits – especially for Joe and Betty!!

A river runs at the back of the property and it is from here that the little creek flows.

Yes, this park is a little on the spendy side at $39 for a 30 amp FHU site but you get what you pay for.  Good to indulge once in a while!  And how much is this view worth? (That’s our rig on the right)
mt shasta from park
Yes, that is the grand lady herself in the background, Mt. Shasta.  Had a little cloud cover today so not a very good picture but it was still beautiful.

So aside from the loose dogs that I griped about before, I would definitely recommend this place.  The dogs were not a problem this time and one came over to greet our pups.  I let Jewel off leash and she did fine.  Don’t quite trust Ollie enough to remove the leash and he wasn’t quite “friendly” but he did okay.

When we pulled in here the pups got soP1050871 excited.  Ollie LOVES to roll in the grass and we haven’t had much of that lately.  They were so happy to get out and visit the creek and get a drink and then Ollie got in lots of grass rolls.

Remember, this park is right on Hwy. 89 so there will be some highway noise.  It didn’t bother us and it was quiet at night.  It’s worth it in my opinion to be so conveniently located so the noise was not an issue for us.

We also visited the small town of McCloud.  McCloud was a mill town in its heyday and the railroad ran through here to haul logs.  We didn’t have time to do much more than drive through but would love to spend some time exploring the museums and such.  Be aware there is not much in McCloud.  There is a gas station and mini-mart across the street from the park and a grocery store across the highway.  We saw one little cafĂ© in town but don’t know if it was even open.  Very small town, but then it is only 9 miles from Mt. Shasta City where you can eat at the Black Bear Diner and enjoy this view.

Here are some pictures taken from “downtown” McCloud.



Call me crazy, but I saw this guy running around town and I immediately thought …”I didn’t know John Hedges was in town.”

Monday, May 5, 2014

How To Take a Lickin’

One of the things about dogs is they really complicate your life.  If would be much easier to go and do and travel without dogs.  BUT – they also add so much to our lives that the pluses definitely carry more weight than any perceived negatives.

I remember when we lost Rusty and then Poppy and how bad that hurt.  We were never going to get more dogs.  We lasted six months.  Then when we got Ollie and Jewel, Ollie was less than friendly to Russ.  In fact, for about three weeks, I didn’t think they would ever be friends.  But Russ was patient and didn’t push and Ollie made a complete turn around. 

Now Ollie has a special ritual with Russ.  Ollie thinks he is the barber and Russ is the client.  He dutifully washes his face and tries his best to groom his whiskers.  When Ollie gets nervous, he climbs up on Russ’ lap and gives Russ a real lickin’. 

This is what happened at McCloud RV Park.

Hey Dad, did you forget to shave today?

Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it for you.

Whew, you really need a good lickin’…

I think you need to wash your hair too!

Get that mustache over here so I can check it out.

Did you wash behind your ears?

Now don’t we feel better?

Well, if you made it to the end of this post, you must be a real dog lover.  I know I am but Jewel and I wisely stay uninvolved in this male bonding ritual.

If you can make yourself check back tomorrow (or maybe not until the next day) I’ll do a real review with pictures of the Dance Country RV Park in McCloud and also the Susanville RV Park in Susanville, CA.  Until then…should you find yourself of the receiving end of a good lickin', it's best to just take it like a man!

P.S.  I think we saw John Hedges in McCloud...I have a picture.

P.P.S.  We got the tire fixed today.  We had picked up a nail - no fault of the rig!!